Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Personalized Marketing News

Personalized Marketing & Promotions News


Foery MacDonnell has released her Laird of the Mist in ebook formats, you can find out more at http://www.moongypsy.com/. Foery has also spent the month of September announcing the print re-release of her novel The Fool's Journey. So make sure you check to see where she has been and where she is heading next (psst its someplace full of magic).

Excerpt from Laird of the Mist

Laird Carrick MacDonell believed he fought well at the Battle of Culloden Moor in 1746, but not well enough. Having lost most of his clan as well as his beloved pregnant wife, Jenny, who had come to the battlefield to aid the wounded, he is a broken man. To assuage his pain, he seeks the assistance of a witch to mix him a potion so he can take his own life. Instead, she informs him that his wife is reincarnated in 2009 and she sends him through time to find her. Carrick arrives in 2009 and finds Jenny, now Caitriona MacPhail. Believing him to be a reeanctor from a Highland games, Cat puts no stock in his story and turns him over to her Scottish grandfather, a retired doctor who believes Carrick's tale.


Raven Starr has released her newest novel TAINTED BLOOD Sanctuary Moon Anthology: Second Howl you can find this and many other books by Raven at http://redrosepublishing.com/bookstore/index.php?manufacturers_id=27&osCsid=7fcdac9b970532d2265b28e837c26caa

Excerpt from Tainted Blood

Kali Myer has given up on life. Ever since she was five years old, she changed foster homes, always the misfit, the outcast, the intruder. All she truly wants is to find her family and to a place to belong.

After walking home from a horror movie with her friend Tavia one night, she was attacked by what she thought was an ordinary timber wolf. Days after the attack, Kali's whole world changed.

With her trusty dark-witch and roommate named Skyla, the women battle forces of the unknown looking for the were-wolf that started it all. They're looking for the one with Tainted Blood....

Will they find the 'Tainted Blood' or will he find them?

Personalized Marketing is now accepting new clients.

Personalized Marketing offers a variety of Services for authors and publishers alike. Do you want a book trailer, Personalized Marketing can and will create one for you. What about a website? Need one? Have one that needs updating? Or ready for an all new personalized look? Personalized Marketing can help there too. Publishers or Authors have an event coming up and want to generate more news about it? Then Personalized Marketing can help. Do you need some reviews or interviews, what about chats and book signings? Have you ever wanted a cover for that free ebook you have? Personalized Marketing now has a Cover Artist on Staff. Personalized Marketing can help here too. Personalized Marketing tailors our services around your needs.

Dedicated to helping others reach their goals with a Personal Touch. All new clients will receive a Limited Time only Special Discount just for signing up. Make sure you check out our Gallery Page to view new cover artwork and website templates as well as our Services page to find the right Service or combination of Services for you.

To find out more email Dee at pr_marketing@deeowens.com


Personalized Marketing & Promotions
Literary Agent Service


Personalized Marketing & Promotions is proud to announce the opening of its Literary Agent Service. We have openings for a few good editors and authors feel free to query us anytime. If you would like to find out more about becoming an editor please send an email to deeowens@personalizedmarketing.info

A little about our submissions…At this time Personalized Marketing (PM) Literary Agent Service is seeking only romance based books. We do not want any book that glorifies depraved or illegal acts, No pedophilia, bestiality, racial intolerance, rape as titillation, or necrophilia allowed.

What we do want are books that will grip the reader and carry them away.

We accept the following Sub-Genres

African-American/ Interracial Romance /Multi-Cultural
Chick-lit/Contemporary /Mainstream
Erotica/Erotic Romance
Fantasy/ Dark Fantasy /Paranormal
Futuristic /Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy
Historical /World War II-Era /Regency Romance/ Time-Travel
Mystery/Thriller /Suspense
Sweet/ Inspirational /Traditional

All Manuscripts should have a minimum word count of 10,000 up to 120,000, and be edited to the best of your ability. Please refer to the following Guidelines on how to format your Manuscript.

List of Personalized Marketing & Promotions Clients


AC Katt http://ackatt.com

Carol Shenold http://carolshenold.com

Dana Littlejohn http://www.danalittlejohn.net/

Raven Starr http://ravenkstarr.com

Sheryl Brennan http://sherylbrennan.com

List of (PM) Literary Agent Clients

Ginger Simpson http://gingersimpson.com

Foery MacDonell http://moongypsy.com

Jannine Corti Petska http://www.jcortipetska.com/

Margaret Tanner http://www.margarettanner.com/

Phyllis M Campbell http://www.phyllismariecampbell.com/

Raven Starr http://ravenkstarr.com

Tabitha Shay http://tabithashay.com





dee@personalizedmarketing.info for client questions

deeowens@personalizedmarketing.info for editor queries

submissions@personalizedmarketing.info for literary agent queries

All else fails and you haven't heard from someone within 48-72 hours then please email me personally at dee@deeowens.com or deeprmarketing@gmail.com

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