Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 7th Announcement Live Blog Events with AC Katt and Raven Starr


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This weeks events with AC Katt

Monday June 14

AC Katt will be at Roseanne Dowell Author Blogspot

Tuesday June 15th

AC Katt will be at the Night Owl Romances Blog. http://www.nightowlreviews.com

Make sure to stop by and see what AC Katt has been up to. AC Katt is the talented author of The Sarran Plague, Shattered Glass and A Matter of Trust

Learn more about AC Katt at http://ackatt.com 

New Blog Post by AC Katt at http://www.ackatt.com/

"Where do you get your story ideas?" Is the first question most people ask a writer. My answer is, "It's a process," which probably annoys the hell out of whom ever asked the question.  I give this answer because to explain how the idea for a story jelled would, at most times, fascinate another writer, but bore the reader to tears.  However, since you have asked so many times, if not me, someone else, I will attempt to give you insight into how I get an idea for a story.

Raven Starr Live Chats


Thursday June 10th 6:30pm EST

Raven Starr will be at A Book and a Chat

Raven has also written Vampire Embrace, The Perfect Match, Tainted Blood, The Pleasure Cruise -- Book 2 of The Misadventures of Raine Matthews, Thieves In The Night, One Night At The Office, Going Home Again, Her Smile, and FAN-TASY.

Learn More about Raven at

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