Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Firefox And Its Advantages

So you have decided to download Firefox and are wandering what the advantages it could have over the famous Internet Explorer? The first advatage is obviously the fact you can download and save the instalelr anytime you need to use it. Another advantage is the actual file size and amount of time it takes to install Firefox. There is also the fact that when you choose to install Firefox you can either allow it to transfer all of your favorites, saved web pages, cookies, plus much more. However if you’re not sure what you want installed then you also have the choice not to set them up at that time.
Another advantage to Firefox is the Firefox Safe Mode feature, with this feature you can decide whether or not to disable add-ons, reset toolbars and controls, reset bookmarks to firefox defaults, reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults, and restore default search engines.
When this happens you will notice that tabs button is gone, and you will have a selection of choices. The first is customize links, then Free Hotmail, My Yahoo, Windows Marketplace, Windows media, Windows at Microsoft.com, and Yahoo Bookmarks. At the top of the browser you will see the basic File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, and the Help menus, however what you might not notice is that the Help menu has Help contents, For IE users, Release notes, Report Broken Websites, Report Web Forgery, Check For Updates, and about Mozilla Firefox. It is the Help Contents and For IE Users that I want to talk about though. The Mozilla Firefox Help is an extensive and extremely useful help menu. Yes IE has a help menu but once you have looked around in the Mozilla Firefox Help menu you will see that there is a huge difference. While the For IE Users breaks down how to use Firefox as easily as you once did IE and hopefully even easier than that in the near future.
Firefox also supports the following standard softwares; CSS, DOM, DTD, ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript), HTML, MathML, PNG, SVG, XHTML, and XML. You can also use the WHATWG program.

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