Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming Soon A day on Plunder’s Pride

Coming Soon from Muse It Up Publishing


Life is hard but worthwhile on the pirate ship Plunderer’s Pride. Follow Captain Julian Hazard and his band of ruffians as they go about their daily business. As you endure their daily struggles and nightly rewards you may find that a pirate’s life may be for you, too.
I have attached an excerpt. The release in in May from Muse it Hot, but I dodn’t have an exact date yet.


Sir William Pendleton smoothed the ruffles on his pristine white blouse as he descended the staircase slowly. Two large silver buttons on his abdomen closed the black satin overcoat that swayed along the back of his calves. He exaggerated each step, overextending his legs, causing his foot to hit the stair heavily.
“Greetings, Captain Hazard. So good of you to stop by.” His voice was light and jovial.

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