Friday, June 29, 2012

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*Mature Content, Intended for Adult Readers Only*
Dana Littlejohn Free Reads
His Favorite Desert  Negasi's Princess    Second Friday
His Favorite Desert Free Read | Negasi's Princess Free Read | Second Friday FreeRead

His Favorite Desert
She slid into the booth beside him and offered him a kiss.
“I'm sorry I'm late, baby. It couldn't be helped.”
He pushed the menu to her. “It‟s okay, really. I'm just glad you're finally here. You look good, Robbie. You know I like that little black skirt on you.”
She giggled as he pulled her closer to him in a hug.
“Oh yes, I like it a lot,” he said on a low growl putting kiss to her neck. “Is the shirt new? It‟s cute on you. The green looks good on your silky brown skin.”
“Thanks, boo. The shirt is new. I‟m glad you like it. Have you eaten already?”
He nodded. “Uh-huh, but I will have dessert while you eat.” “That‟s cool.”
As she glanced over the menu she felt the familiar feeling of Nick's fingers walking between her legs. Her eyes widened as she looked around frantically.

Negasi's Princess 
The celebration had begun. Princess Kengi had waited her whole life for this day. Now that she was of age to marry her father would find her a suitable prince and her new life would begin. The party lasted into the night and she danced, sang and drank to the point of exhaustion. Finally, Kengi left the festivities behind to find her bed. On the way back to her rooms, giggling caught her attention. She turned away from the hallway and toward its direction instead.
“My princess, may I present Prince Negasi of Nigeria,” Kamilah said extending her hand to the door.
Kengi stood. Moments later the prince entered and her breath caught.
Negasi was so handsome that she was more inclined to call him beautiful. Way taller than her own five foot two inches, she had to look up into his large brown eyes. His rich, chocolate colored skin was smooth and unmarked. White teeth gleamed at her when he smiled. Kengi was pleased with his outward appearance to be sure, but what of the qualities that could not be seen. They mattered, too.
“Princess Kengi, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. You are as beautiful as your father has boasted,” he said lifting her hand to his lips.

Second Friday
Mom and Pop’s Place was not as smoky as Jocelyn thought it would be at seven o’clock in the evening. Most of the tables were filled with men dressed in outfits ranging from suit and ties to dusty overalls. She stood at the top of the stairs with the entry door to her back and her hand on her hip. Jocelyn gave the room a quick scan and decided that it was only slightly bigger than a hole in the wall kind of place. With everything she had heard, somehow she expected it to be a bigger. At least the size made her swift inspection easy to spot her prey.

She was the reason Jocelyn was there. The woman sat on the corner seat at the bar wearing a crisp white button-down shirt and a navy blur jacket that hung casually. She loved the way her dark blond hair curled at the nape of her neck. There were several other men and women seated along the counter as well dressed similarly and good looking in their own ways, but Jocelyn could’ve spotted her in crowd a mile away. She was beautiful and sexy beyond compare.

Jocelyn grasped the railing and moved forward. Her heels made a distinctive click on each step as she descended into the sunken room.

*Mature Content, Intended for Adult Readers Only*

Jaxx Steele
A Vampire Wedding   Lunch Break
A Vampire Wedding Free Read | Lunch Break Free Read 

Lunch Break
Sergeant Clemons watched the clock trying to make time go faster. Finally the golden coin came letting him know it was time to go. He clutched it in his hand, barely able to contain his excitement. When he arrived at the rendezvous point, he found that he was not the only who was excited about their lunch break.

A Vampire Wedding 
(A supposed scene from Indian Blood Moon)
What happens when your vampire lover wants to spend eternity with you? Why you have a wedding of course. Enjoy this free read where Magnus and Dante have A Vampire Wedding …

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