Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Personalized Marketing's Fall Into Romance Blog Hop Oct 26, 27 & 28

Personalized Marketing's
Fall Into Romance
Blog Hop 

  Oct 26, 27 & 28


Authors, Publishers, Reviewers and Readers are Encouraged to Participate, & Even eBook Sellers. 

Click To Join Today 


This fall we want you to tell us about when you
"Fell Into Romance"...  


Readers: Tell us about the time YOU fell into Love

Authors: Tell us about how your Favorite Duo/Trio fell into Love

Publishers & Reviewers: Feel free to join in the fun... Showcasing your site, favorite books, top sellers or your own journey into Romance... 

eBook Sellers: This is a great time to showcase your top romance novels or upcoming authors... 

All comments must have a valid email address to be entered.

  • Winners it is recommended you add the Author, Publisher, Review & eBook Seller Site's email to your email address to ensure receipt of prize notification.


To Participate Blog Hop Rules

  1. All Participants must help Promote the Blog Hop on their Site or Blogger Account for the duration of the Blog Hop.
  2. All Participants must offer a Prize  for each Blog Hop they participate in. Suggested Prize Amount is $10.00, however you can go higher. Make sure to state whether your prize is intended for International, US/Canada or US only.
    • Personalized Marketing will contact both the Winners and the Participants immediately after the drawings. Participants are responsible for sending their prizes to the winners.
  3. Each Participant must have the Guest List Code added to the bottom of your post. Code will be emailed 2 week2 before the time of each hop
    • Blog Hop Banners and Participant List have to be posted on your site at least 3 business day before each blog hop begins. If the Banner and Participant List are not found on the site, 1 warning email will be sent out, after that the participant will be removed from that Blog Hop.
  4. Remember the More Participants, the more visitors... So help Spread the Word to Others that might be interested...
All Blog Hops will also be advertised on the Personalized Marketing Blogger / Website, Facebook, Personalized Marketing Facebook Page, Excerpts & Promotions Facebook Page, Twitter and Dee's Facebook Profile.

$5.00  Advertising Opportunity 

Authors, Publishers, Reviewers & eBook Seller want to be a paid sponsor of the Hop? There are advertising opportunities on the Personalized Marketing's Blogspot. Sidebar Ad Images will be scaled down to 180 width x 300 height. Advertising is also available below the post for larger banners and displays.


Advertising will run from the day you join until November 1st!

Paid Advertisements will be added on the Blog Hop, on our Social Networks, in Email Campaigns and Blog Post on our Main Site.


Registered Guest List 

Check back often to see who else has signed up...
Guest / Blog Title
Blog URL
Dee Owens
Falling in Love
(Ambrosia Meets Her Match)
Jinni James
Author Jinni James
Dana Littlejohn
Romance Author Dana Littlejohn
Trinity Blacio
Love is in the Air
DD Symms
Romance in the Crimson Leaves
Michele L. Montgomery
Carl and Lucca
Jaxx Steele
Jaxx Steele Romances
DC Juris
Love is a Many Flavored Thing
Alexandra Anthony
Fall into with a Bite!
Jamie Schmidt
Hopping along with Undercover Lover
Lissa Trevor
Spank Me Mr. Darcy Hop!
Ryan Field
Fall Into Romance Blog Hop



Dee Owens said...

Make sure you do not miss out on this FREE Opportunity!!!

Linda Hays-Gibbs said...

My favorite love story is in my own book with Rachael and John. He is the ultimate bad boy and she is and angel with only good in her heart, a complete innocent. The are attracted even before they meet in their dreams. He is actually sent to kill her

trinity said...

My favorite would have to be Sherrilyn Kenyon's Night Play. Dane is my all time favorite alpha hero.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Trinity Blacio

Dee PersonalizedMarketing said...

Only 26 Days until the Start of Personalized Marketing's Fall Into Romance Blog Hop
Register today to get your name in the Guest List!!! Only 21 Days left for Registration...

We have a great list of Guest So far and Some Paid Ad Slots left... Check out who all is coming now so you are ready to comment away Oct 26, 27 & 28th!

Personalized Marketing will be giving away a Special Prize to be Announced at the start of the Blog Hop!