Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 3 of the Personalized Marketing Fall Into Romance Blog Hop

Personalized Marketing's
Fall Into Romance
Blog Hop 

  Oct 26, 27 & 28

Welcome to the Last Day of the Personalized Marketing Fall Into Romance Blog Hop... 

We hope that you enjoyed the wonderful reads that each of the Guest provided for you and that you had fun participating in the Contest each offered...

Don't forget the Personalized Marketing Contest happening, it is specifically designed for anyone who loves to read!!! It can be found on Day 1 of the Personalized Marketing Fall Into Romance Blog Hop post...

Now for a little about Personalized Marketing...

Book Trailers, Marketing, Websites, Scheduling, Social Site, & More.
Personalized Marketing opened its doors in the summer of 2008 and strives to bring a personal touch to each of our clients needs.

Affordable Custom Designed Word Press & Joomla Templates HTML / CSS Website Development New Video Site Distributions – Check out our Video Page For More Information… All our Services and Packages can be ordered on a Month-by-Month or a Multi-Month basis.

Personalized Marketing & Promotions is mainly an online service, however we have and will continue to schedule events near you be it over the phone, through faxes, or regular mail. Are you looking for someone to help you get your books out there? Do you need someone to help you schedule Interviews, Chats Reviews and more? Maybe you need someone to help you set up your web site, blog, or My Space? Are you an author just starting out and need some guidance, or have you been around a while and need someone to help keep you organized and give you a fresh new look at Marketing? If any of this is true then maybe you should consider hiring a Freelance Publicist.

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Registered Guest List 

Check back often to see who else has signed up...
Guest / Blog Title
Blog URL
Dee Owens
Falling in Love
(Ambrosia Meets Her Match)
Jinni James
Author Jinni James
Dana Littlejohn
Romance Author Dana Littlejohn
Trinity Blacio
Love is in the Air
DD Symms
Romance in the Crimson Leaves
Michele L. Montgomery
Carl and Lucca
Jaxx Steele
Jaxx Steele Romances
DC Juris
Love is a Many Flavored Thing
Alexandra Anthony
Fall into with a Bite!
Jamie Schmidt
Hopping along with Undercover Lover
Lissa Trevor
Spank Me Mr. Darcy Hop!
Ryan Field
Fall Into Romance Blog Hop

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