Friday, February 14, 2014

SEO Package Breakdown

The new Hummingbird from Google is a nice change to how Google searches out specific search phrases. Since I believe in Keyword Phrases when doing SEO this is great news for me and my clients. Adding location tags to each of the Keyword Phrases will help ensure that you are targeting your local market as well.

The first thing I will do is go through your websites, determine what level of SEO has been done and note changes that need to be made. I will be looking for Meta-tags, Anchor Text, Title Tag Optimization and Image Alt tags.

When working on the Keyword Phrases for the sites, I will break down the phrases to include single keywords, then changing the combination of the Keyword Phrases to ensure that each is being optimized.

Another factor of good SEO is maintaining relevant content, I will use be creating a FAQ for each of the sites. Part of the On-site strategy will include the FAQ but also article content. The articles will include content written from information found on the site. Part of the Linking will include articles written from other sites. The Off-site SEO will be using mainly Social Sites that you currently have with the addition of new Social Sites that are valuable to the particular site.

Finally taking the content written for the sites using information from the sites will then be submitted into various Article Sites to provide additional linking back.

Good SEO takes 6 months of continual work to be effective.

Results should begin to show up within 6 weeks however the real testament will be seen over the following months to come. Growing and getting on Page 1 of Google is every companies desire, however growth is a Marathon if you want real Organic Results.  On each Milestone I will be providing a Spreadsheet of what has been done or is scheduled to be done.

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