Thursday, March 26, 2015

Current Specials

Spring 2015 Specials

You can find out more about our specials and upcoming events at

Midwest Writers Conference 35% Off

For those attending the Conference you can get 35% off Services. To learn how Email Us for more details. (Subject: Conference Savings)

Spring Fun Savings 25% Off 

For those not attending the Conference you can take advantage of the Spring Fun Savings

25% off services ( Subject: Spring Fun) Email Dee for more Information.


PR Management Service
Event Marketing & Promotions
Monthly Newsletter Distribution
HTML / CSS Site Design
WordPress Theme Design
Blogger / MySpace Designs
Twitter / Facebook Designs
Website Search Engine Optimization
Videos | Editing & Proofreading

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*Additional Cost can include Specially Ordered Media, Outside Advertising Fees, Postage/Handling for Shipping Media Items, Website Hosting/Domain Name Cost and etc*

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