Friday, August 28, 2015

What Personalized Marketing's Social Site Marketing Services Entails

Just some of what we do to ensure you are getting the best exposure!

Some of the basics for marketing each company can be done by a couple people those task include:
·         Finding articles on the main topic and subtopics of each site. Schedule post at the same time either once a week, twice a month or monthly. Invite followers to interact on the sites.
o   Relevant Articles on a Blog can be set up to collect for Social Marketing Post
§  This helps to improve the business/site's creditability.
o    Make sure there are call to actions added to each of the post, this can be done via links, signups for newsletters, or other forms.
No matter which social network is being used each have their peak days and times based on the subjects discussed. Those stats can be often found inside the social network however there are tools that help as well. Those stats should be collected weekly for the previous week, then the following weeks post can be tailored to meet the changes.
Sites that post nothing but information about their companies lose the human touch, so even if it is a local event, something personal should be posted at least twice a month to once a week depending on the client.
Before learning a program such as Hootsuite the staff member should take the time to learn the social networks they will be handling. There will be times when a post will need editing those will need to be done on the social site.
Check to see if the client has signed up for the major networks, if not then set them up an account. Not everyone likes Facebook so other networks need to be incorporated.
A schedule using a Cloud Platform needs to be set up for each client and then one calendar for all clients combined. This is so the clients can see what is being set up for them when they want but also so that all task can be found in a single location and not across the board. All login access should be set up in a location such as Google Docs so that they can be accessed by the right people. LastPass is a great way to share login information while keeping items such as passwords hidden. LastPass also has its own browser on Mobile and Windows 10 Devices, which will give the option to save new access information and notes inside the account. The logins saved inside the program are automatically updated when shared with others.
These Items should be broken down into a weekly to-do list.
·         Check Daily for new mentions, messages or shares of post on all networks. People like it when someone pays attention to the fact that the company noticed them spreading the word. Also when a post is shared it allows for organic growth potential, so making a comment or liking it will also be seen by the users friends, fans, followers.
·         Make sure to add all relevant friends and invite other friends to all social networks
·         All post should have the company listed in the location unless an offsite event. If not at the location then make sure to mention the company name in the post. If specific followers, fans, users, members are going to attend mention them in the post.
·         Post should be tested for most interactions between users, such as best days and times to post.
o    Use stats on sites to see when the activity is the highest.
o    Schedule post on those peak days and times
o    Friday and Saturday generally have the highest peak rates for artist
o    Stats should be checked at least Once a Week for maintaining interactions with current followers/fans/likes.
·         Programs such as Hootsuite can be used, however post on Facebook should be done from Facebook. (Hootsuite is stopping the Facebook Feed support)
·         By doing post on Facebook and then scheduling for future days/times the post can be checked for accuracy and that the right image from any links are being displayed.
·         Twitter Post should be kept to a few Specific Key Phrases. These phrases can be about a specific topic each week. Those phrases should be eye catching and a reason to follow through.
o    (Such as taking the headlines or significant phrases from different paragraphs of an article.)
·         Each week a minimum of 10 new pages followed
o    Pages can be based on keywords pertaining to either the company or client
Social marketing has always been about and will always focus on Word-of-Mouth. You want and need your fans, friends, likes, followers and clients to tell about your services. For an effective marketing plan the basics always have to be met first and then followed forward on.  Paying for advertising only goes so far without the right tools in place and being used effectively. To be a successful business and reach each potential new client you have to be where they are, which requires not just using one social network but several. Planning out post, following through on interaction and encouraging others to share your news is the best method one can take. The items mentioned in the plan include not just getting news out there but also making sure that news is relevant to those who take time out of their day to see what you have been up too.
The more people know about you, the more they will know about your services which will not only help you grow but them as well. Everyone deserves to be a star, having the right pathway can take you to them.

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