Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cover Hunt Site Hop

Personalized Marketing Inc is hosting an Egg Hunt this year and instead of finding just Easter Eggs, we are going to use YOUR Book Covers, Logos, and other Promotional Images. You can use your blog, blogger, website or any place that you can add code too.

The perks:
Link Exchanges between different sites
Social network exposure
Fun way to interact and reach new viewers
Personalized Marketing Inc does all the leg work (we create the custom Easter Eggs, we put together the social media post, we give the codes you need, we are the backend geeks and front-end marketers)

The Rules:
We ask for images and their links to be sent to us in a timely manner
We ask that you share the social media post
We ask for the right to turn your image into a custom egg
We ask that the coding be added to your site

We suggest friending others in the event but not a requirement.
We do require that you either like, follow, friend the Personalized Marketing Inc social networks
We also request your approval to add you to the Cover Hunt Site Hop email list and that you add the company email to your contacts. We need to be able to reach you and send you items for the event.

Specifics about the event will be sent to registrants and sponsors.  

Sponsors – You can participate in the event as well. We have a place for your banners or logos on our blogspot, including the option to add a blog post about YOU. We are also going to be putting them up on the Facebook event page, and in our newsletter.

Readers – Your participation is easy … Just visit the participating sites, find the eggs and then let us know!  Event Date: April 1st - April 19th. Winners announce April 22nd. 

Prize List announced before March 31st. 

Save 5.00 Today!
Early Egg Hunt Registration for the event runs from January 11th until February 1st, 2019.

Regular Registration begins on February 2nd and will end on March 21st, 2019. At that time, regular registration pricing takes place.

Once Registered Your Name and Link Will Appear In The List Below

Contest Entry Form - Coming April 1st