Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming Soon Part of the Posse | Jaxx Steele

Part of the Posse by Jaxx Steele Coming April 2012

From Secret Cravings Publishing


For three days Les took Colt along the familiar trail keeping a steady pace, but careful not to run the horses down. Exhaustion brought sleep on quickly, but not before Les took advantage of the benefits of having a lover nearby. He delved into Colt’s ass each evening enjoying his body immensely. Colt was more than accommodating each time he approached him and felt good in his arms when they woke the next morning. Les found himself enjoying Colt’s company during the day just as much as he did at night. On the fourth day they came up on his men by mid-evening. Les tied his horse among its brethren and directed Colt to pull up near the barn before they entered.

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